Episode 90

3X19 The Once And Future Flash


April 28th, 2017

1 hr 20 mins 21 secs

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Synopsis: Caitlin destroys the necklace and escapes. Barry travels to 2024, when he learns that Cisco lost his powers after Caitlin, who allied with Savitar, shattered Cisco’s hands; H.R. became a successful novelist; Julian works at Iron Heights tending to Caitlin; Wally is catatonic with a shattered spine; Joe is depressed and bitter; future Barry is a recluse hiding in S.T.A.R. Labs; and in his absence, Scudder and Dillon have taken over Central City. Barry fails to learn Savitar’s identity. Cisco secretly uses a device to prevent Barry from returning to the past, hoping he will put things right. Barry rounds up Julian, Joe and H.R. and reunites Team Flash. Scudder and Dillon overwhelm Barry with their powers, but after overhearding him, future Barry uses Cisco’s device to negate the villains’ abilities, helping Barry capture them. Future Barry gives Barry information about a Speed Force trap and tells him to find a physicist named Tracy Brand, who developed the trap four years after Iris’s death. In the present, Killer Frost meets with Savitar, who offers her the chance to eliminate Caitlin forever. She is reluctant which makes Savitar reveal his identity to her.

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