Episode 87

3X18 Abra Kadabra


March 30th, 2017

57 mins 27 secs

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Synopsis: Abra Kadabra, a criminal from the 64th century, comes to Central City, stealing from numerous tech companies and killing two guards. Gypsy returns, in pursuit of Kadabra, to avenge her partner. Kadabra offers the team the identity of Savitar in exchange for his freedom. Against Gypsy’s wishes, a desperate Joe releases Kadabra, who escapes to Thawne’s time vault and retrieves a power source. Kadabra also triggers an explosion that critically injures Caitlin. Refusing to take off the necklace suppressing her powers even though they could save her life, Caitlin asks Julian to perform surgery with her guidance instead. Kadabra attempts to return to his own time, having used the stolen technology to build his own time machine but is foiled by the team with Gypsy’s help. Barry decides that the only way to save Iris’ life is by traveling to the future. Later, a still-recovering Caitlin loses consciousness and begins convulsing, before her vital signs flatline. A distraught Julian rips the necklace from her neck and her vital signs return to normal as her injuries heal rapidly. She awakens, but in the guise of Killer Frost.

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