Episode 83

3X16 Into the Speed Force


March 16th, 2017

58 mins 35 secs

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About this Episode

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Synopsis: Allen decides to rescue Wallace. The team manages to come up with means to monitor Allen’s life signs and pull him out if necessary. Ramon vibes him into the Speed Force, which in the forms of Edward, Raymond, and Snart, and less accommodating than before, pushes Allen to understand true sacrifice and that he must be the one to save Iris in the future. Garrick, having been contacted by Ramon, joins Allen inside the Speed Force and volunteers to take Wallace’s place so Allen and Wallace can escape. Meanwhile, a vengeful Jesse uses the armor shard to locate and face Savitar by herself. With help from H.R, she manages to wound Savitar, stabbing him with the shard through a weak point in his armor, but Savitar then escapes. Eventually, Jesse decides to head to Earth-3 to protect it until they can free Garrick. H.R. deduces that Savitar’s strength depends only on his armor. Allen admits to Iris that while he does love her, he understands he proposed for the wrong reasons and suggests they suspend their relationship, accepted by her.

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