Episode 82

3X15 The Wrath of Savitar


March 9th, 2017

58 mins 58 secs

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Synopsis: Wally has visions of Savitar. After Barry and Iris announce their engagement to the team, Barry and Wally race off to respond to a building fire. While en route, Wally has another vision of Savitar, is physically attacked by him, and Barry is unable to see Savitar. Back at the lab, Wally admits to having visions of Savitar. Barry sends him away, and the team uses Julian to talk to Savitar. They tell him that they got rid of the Philosopher’s Stone, but Savitar questions if they really did. Caitlin admits that she has part of the Philosopher’s Stone, wanting to use it to remove her powers. Barry and the team figures out that Savitar is trapped inside the Speed Force. Wally has a vision of his mom, which turns out to be Savitar. Wally steals the stone fragment from the lab, taking it to the factory where he tries to launch it into the Speed Force. Savitar taunts Wally a few times, before he is successful in getting rid of the fragment. Barry arrives just as the portal draws Wally into it, trapping him in the Speed Force. Savitar emerges from the Speed Force moments later and fights Barry, who is able to fight back. Savitar stabs Barry in the shoulder, saying he wants to kill him, but not before he watches Iris die. Barry is able to hurt Savitar by slicing off his arm blade with his vibrating hand, but Savitar manages to retreat.

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