7X9 Timeless


May 14th, 2021

1 hr 2 mins 21 secs

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About this Episode

"Nora" tells Iris and Barry that they created the other forces, and vows to kill Psych and Deon. Barry wants to travel back in time to remove their connections to the Forces, but Iris and Cisco disagree. Cisco gives Kamilla a camera that can detect the forces, which shows a connection between them and Iris, allowing Team Citizen to track down "Nora". Barry, Cisco, and Chester enhance the tachyon device to extract the Forces' particles, and Barry retrieves Harrison Wells from the year 2000 for help, who can create a "time bubble" to protect the timeline. Deon arrives at S.T.A.R. Labs, realizing that Barry will take away who he is and destroys the tachyon harness. Iris, Allegra, and Kamilla search for "Nora" at the Allen house, but are ambushed by Psych, who gives Iris nightmares of "Nora." Chester fixes the tachyon device while Joe tries to dissuade Barry from his plan of action, but Barry and Wells go back in time regardless. The extraction revives Alexa and erases Psych and Deon in the present day (allowing Iris to escape). Barry then smashes the device to revert the changes upon realizing that Iris, Cisco, and Joe are right. Caitlin notices Alexa's revival, so Barry and Iris use their connection to the Forces to revive her. Wells returns to the year 2000 and Cisco and Kamilla realize they need to leave Central City. Meanwhile, "Nora" confronts Deon.