Episode 71

3X07 Killer Frost


November 27th, 2016

1 hr 3 mins 11 secs

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Synopsis: Rather than straight up kill Barry, Savitar opts instead to race The Flash across the city, then fiercely batters him to demonstrate its superiority. Cisco and Caitlin arrive and rescue Barry, but Savitar flees. Caitlin, now mentally unbalanced, violently interrogates one of Alchemy’s followers at CCPD headquarters, then abducts Julian and coerces him to find other acolytes, in order to find Alchemy and have him remove her powers. Barry and Cisco track her down and imprison her, but the team is fractured after she reveals Barry’s role in Dante’s death by creating “Flashpoint”. Greatly concerned and disregarding the consequences, Joe breaks Wally out of the cocoon. Wally emerges with unmanageable speed powers and he races away in a confused state. Barry offers his life to Caitlin for her freedom in a successful attempt to restore her sanity and gain her help in treating Wally. Joe and Barry locate Wally and stabilize his condition with Caitlin’s serum, and Wally soon embraces his new abilities. Julian forces Barry to resign from the CCPD in exchange for him protecting Caitlin from the police. Julian is later revealed to be unwillingly working for Savitar as Doctor Alchemy.

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