Episode 70

3X06 Shade


November 18th, 2016

1 hr 8 mins 29 secs

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Synopsis: When Wally relates his recent dreams of being Kid Flash, Barry reveals what happened to him during “Flashpoint”. A metahuman H.R. nicknames “Shade” appears and murders a stockbroker. Caitlin reveals her powers to Cisco and has him “vibe” her to know her future, and Cisco sees himself fighting an evil Caitlin. Alchemy begins summoning Wally to him, so the team locks him up inside the Pipeline to keep him safe. Iris later prevents Wally from escaping after he becomes entranced by Alchemy. Meanwhile. Barry and the others stop the Shade’s next attack and capture him. After Cisco tells everyone the truth about Caitlin, Barry privately confesses to her that her powers came from his creating “Flashpoint”. A recovered Wally volunteers to lead the team to Alchemy. Barry, Joe and a S.W.A.T. team locate Alchemy and his followers and surround them. Another adversary, which only Barry can see, suddenly attacks them. As Barry fights it, Alchemy entices Wally to pick up his fallen energy weapon, which encases Wally in a crystal cocoon. Calling itself “Savitar, the god of speed”, the adversary pins Barry to the ceiling and prepares to kill him.

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