Episode 69

3X05 Monster


November 3rd, 2016

1 hr 13 mins 29 secs

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Synopsis: Without informing the others, Caitlin visits her estranged mother at her medical research company to have her powers examined. She eventually leaves after viciously attacking another scientist who intended to exploit her powers. Meanwhile, a gigantic creature is seen on the streets of Central City, but it disappears before Barry can confront it. Cisco grows suspicious of the newly-recruited H.R. Wells when he does not provide much help in battling the monster. The monster is revealed to be simply a hologram operated by a bullied 15-year-old boy wanting to create fear in others. Barry exposes the deception in time to keep police snipers from harming civilians, and prevent Julian from shooting the boy, whom he mistakes for a metahuman. H.R. is revealed to have no technical knowledge at all. He admits that he is only an “idea man” for his tech company on Earth-19, and he came to Earth-1 to get material for a novel. The team decides to give him a chance to prove his worth as an assistant. A badly shaken Julian reconciles his differences with Barry. Caitlin is informed by her mother that her powers are increasing and that she needs to stop using them, or her condition will become irreversible.

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