Episode 68

3X04 The New Rogues


October 27th, 2016

59 mins 21 secs

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Synopsis: Three years ago, Sam Scudder and Rosalind Dillon, former cohorts of Leonard Snart, were caught in the original particle accelerator explosion. In the present, Barry begins training Jesse on how to use her powers. Wells suggests the team locate a doppleganger of his from another Earth to replace him on the team once he and Jesse leave. Scudder returns from being trapped in a mirror-like dimension with the ability to transport himself and others through reflective surfaces. He reunites with Rosalind, who now has vertigo-inducing powers, and the couple go on a crime spree. Barry and Jesse, as “Jesse Quick”, confront them, but are defeated and Barry ends up trapped inside a mirror by Scudder. Caitlin secretly uses her emerging ice powers to help Barry free himself from his predicament. He and Jesse then successfully capture Scudder and Rosalind. After evaluating the candidates, the team recruits the friendly and eccentric Wells of Earth-19, despite the Earth-2 Wells’ misgivings. Jesse and her father then return to Earth-2, with Wells apprising Cisco about Barry’s suspicious escape. That night, Caitlin accidentally freezes the water in her shower and her appearance begins showing signs of her Earth-2 doppleganger.

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