Episode 67

3X03 Magenta


October 20th, 2016

1 hr 11 mins 53 secs

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Synopsis: Wells and his daughter Jesse return to Earth-1, where Jesse reveals she has super speed from the dark matter blast that restored Barry’s powers. Wells hopes that he can have everyone convince Jesse to not use her powers. Elsewhere, foster child Frankie Kane develops metahuman magnetic powers that manifest as an alternate personality, Magenta, who attacks her abusive foster father. Barry learns that Magenta got her powers from Dr. Alchemy, while Wally deals with the fact that he did not get powers alongside Jesse during the explosion. Magenta goes to the Central City Hospital to kill her foster father by dropping an oil tanker on the building. Barry creates a vortex to hold the tanker in place, but he cannot confront Magenta while doing so. Wells, finally trusting his daughter, sends Jesse to help. She takes over the vortex while Barry talks Frankie into gaining control over Magenta. Frankie reveals that Alchemy came to her in dreams of another life, which concerns Wally as he had similar dreams. Wells tells Jesse that he will support her decision and presents her with her own costume. Joe later shows Barry and Julian a video of Clariss being killed in his cell by an unseen force.

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