Episode 65

3X01 Flashpoint


October 6th, 2016

1 hr 3 mins 26 secs

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Synopsis: After preventing Eobard Thawne from killing Nora Allen, Barry returns with Eobard to the present and imprisons him in a cage that dampens his speed. In the new timeline, which Eobard dubs “Flashpoint“, both of Barry’s parents are alive, Joe has a poor relationship with his kids and chronically in trouble at work, Cisco is a billionaire tech-magnate, and Caitlin is a pediatric ophthalmologist. There is also a new Flash in Central City called Kid Flash struggling with his own nemesis Edward Clariss, known as “The Rival“. Barry begins losing his memories of the original timeline, which Eobard reveals is the result of the new timeline becoming permanent. After discovering Kid Flash is Wally, Barry teams up with Wally and stops Edward, but not before Wally is critically injured. Realizing that the new timeline is worse for those closest to him, Barry releases Eobard and lets him return to the past to kill Nora and reset the timeline. Back in the present, Barry learns that the timeline did not reset exactly, and Joe and Iris have not spoken to each other in years. Edward is confronted by a mysterious voice giving him the message “Alchemy“.


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