Episode 613

6X13 Grodd Friended Me


February 27th, 2020

1 hr 1 min 8 secs

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About this Episode

While looking for his parent’s graves, Flash finds Pied Piper in the middle of a jewelry store robbery and sees that he now has sonic abilities. Kamilla and Chester are helping out on the comms because Ralph is pursuing Sue, Iris is working on a case, and Caitlin is at A.R.G.U.S. checking up on Bloodwork. After Pied Piper gets away, Barry is left wondering what else happened following the Crisis. While working to update Gideon, Barry is visited by Chester who tries to help improve the portable AI device. However Chester makes a mistake, and when Barry attempts to use Gideon, he is transported into Grodd's mind who is still in a coma at ARGUS. Grodd states that there is a gatekeeper that's keeping both him and Barry from exiting the Grodd’s mindscape. Flash investigates and discovers that the Gatekeeper is a mental copy of Solovar. As Mirror-Iris continues to look for information on Carver, Eva and Iris attempt to use the same device Eva had finished the night of the Particle Accelerator explosion to escape the mirror universe, but her her arms are burned when she tried to get through. Meanwhile, Allegra learns that she has a doppleganger that used to work for Nash. After some persuasion from Caitlin, Chester works to help get Barry out of Grodd’s Mindscape as Flash and Grodd work together to beat Solovar. Once they escape the Mindscape and successfully separate, Caitlin arranges for Grodd to be released on probation. Back in the Mirror Dimension, as Iris leaves to get bandages, Eva contacts Mirror-Iris who is actually working for her and briefly got the same injuries, which Eva heals. As Nash is going to confront Allegra, he sees another vision involving Sherloque Wells who says "He is coming."