Episode 612

6X12 A Girl Named Sue


February 20th, 2020

58 mins 2 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

In the Mirror Dimension, Iris meets Eva, who has been stranded there ever since the Particle Accelerator explosion knocked her into the mirror in her office. After all this time, she has not been able to find a way out. Iris suggests that they try the same strategy they used when Sam Scudder trapped someone in the Mirror Dimension, however this plan fails and the mirror shatters. Meanwhile, Mirror Iris asks for access to the Mirror Gun to help research Black Hole. While in the basement, she has a run-in with Nash who is still seeing a vision of Harry. Dibny finally runs into Sue Dearbon who is being targeted by gangster John Loring. During a brief raid on Loring's hideout, Ralph reluctantly reveals to Sue that he is Elongated Man. While attempting to steal Loring’s ledger from the bank where it’s being held, Sue double-crosses Ralph and leaves the vault only for her to run into Loring and a squad of his goons. Ralph escapes and uses his elasticity to shield Sue from the bullets fired by Loring and his men. Ultraviolet shows up and beats up Loring and his gang before targeting Ralph and Sue. Getting the diamond she needs, Sue sneaks away while Ultraviolet fights Ralph. When Ralph states that they have been played, Ultraviolet gets away. Loring and his men stand up and are handcuffed by The Flash and arrested by the police with Joe telling the bank manager that Elongated Man was working with them. Iris discovers that Eva can manipulate the mirror as she puts the mirror back together. In her hideout, Sue analyzes the diamond that has the icon of Black Hole on it.