Episode 611

6X11 Love Is A Battlefield


February 16th, 2020

53 mins 23 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Barry and Iris' valentines date is interrupted by Amunet Black, who steals a valuable brief case containing a device. The two track Amunet to Ivo Labs where she is confronted by her ex-boyfriend Goldface, who gets away with the device Amunet was attempting to steal. Barry and Iris witness the confrontation between them, before leaving with the device in the brief case. After a brief argument with Barry over life choices, Iris allies herself with Amunet by giving her the device. Afterwards, Amunet and Goldface reconcile as do Barry and Iris, who is revealed to still be trapped in the mirror at McCulloch Tech and that Eva was impersonating her the whole time. Meanwhile, Frost convinces Allegra to reconnect with her ex boyfriend, while Nash starts seeing visions of Harry.