Episode 605

6X05 Kiss Kiss Breach Breach


November 8th, 2019

59 mins 38 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Barry and Iris go on a vacation, leaving Cisco in charge of the team. Joe tracks Nash toa sewer, but the two become trapped until they are rescued by Ralph. On the hunt for Bloodwork, Caitlin is offered by Ramsey to join him but declines. Meanwhile, Breacher travels to Earth-1 and informs Cisco of Cynthia's murder by a hacker she had been hunting named Echo. Cisco decides to help Breacher only to discover that Cisco himself was the murderer. Breacher then gives Cisco an hour to turn himself in to the Collectors, but Cisco tricks the Collectors into arresting a hologram of him then travels to Earth-19 where he confronts Echo, who reveals he had used Cisco's face to frame him. After a confrontation, Echo is arrested and Breacher apologizes to Cisco for not having faith in him. Later, Barry and Iris return where they have been informed of Gypsy's death as Cisco states that the service is next week. Finally, Nash tells the team he has found a way to save Barry from his impending death.