Episode 514

5X14 Cause and XS


February 15th, 2019

50 mins 8 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Barry takes the meta cure into the Speed Force to help speed up the synthesizing process by using tachyons as a catalyst, leaving an upset Nora behind. Elsewhere, Iris gets kidnapped, but she manages to alert Nora and Caitlin to her location. They arrive, but Cicada kills Caitlin; further distressing Nora to the point where she runs so fast, she goes back in time. Here, in this alternate timeline, Cicada kidnaps Ralph instead, and though the situation plays out somewhat the same as the last time, Ralph is killed. Nora resets time again, which causes Sherloque to become suspicious of her, but this leads to Cicada kidnapping him. Nora goes in alone this time, only to learn that Cisco was killed. She repeatedly tries again, but someone on Team Flash always gets killed each time. Before her final attempt, Cisco reveals what she's done, so she confesses and storms off. Cisco consoles her, and together with the rest of the team, works on a new plan to stop Cicada. This time, they make it so that Cicada stabs himself with his dagger, forcing him to flee. Barry returns, and after learning what Nora's done, warns her against messing with time any further. Back in 2049, Nora visits Thawne for reassurance that their plan is not making things worse. He convinces Nora to follow through with the plan to defeat Cicada and destroy his dagger, while assuring her that afterwards, they will save her father.