Episode 512

5X12 Memorabilia


January 31st, 2019

54 mins 16 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

The team plan to try and wake Grace up, thus preventing Cicada from killing anyone else. Sherloque proposes a method in which they can enter Grace's memories and thus attempt to wake her up from there, however, Nora preemptively enters Grace's memories and attempts to help her wake up, on her own. Barry and Iris discover that Nora has entered Grace's mind and attempt to follow, but end up in Nora's memories where they discover STAR Labs has been turned into the Flash Museum. They are pursued by a memory of the Reverse Flash, before encountering a memory of Nora and Iris bonding, which they use to exit Nora's memories. Nora attempts to wake Grace, but Nora discovers to her horror that Grace shares her uncle's anti-meta views and knows the only person that can help her is Cicada, who attacks Nora before Barry and Iris save her and exit Grace's mind. Caitlin reveals that a satellite shard loaded with Dark Matter is lodged in Grace's brain and is creating a barrier meaning they can't re-enter Grace’s mind. Meanwhile, Iris starts the Central City Citizen, which Nora reveals was originally founded in 2021, meaning Iris is changing the future. Finally, Cisco makes some headway on the meta cure, which Barry decides to use on Cicada.