Episode 511

5X10 The Flash And The Furious


January 22nd, 2019

46 mins 50 secs

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About this Episode

Nora returns to 2049 where she refuses to work with Thawne upon learning he killed her grandmother. Meanwhile, back in Central City, Cecile returns to work, attending the trial of Joss Jackam. Barry and Nora encounter a new villain, Silver Ghost, who possesses meta-tech allowing her to access any car. An encounter with her and her meta-tech leaves Barry phasing uncontrollably, so Nora and Team Flash help Barry into the pipeline, where he can stabilize for 24 hours. Silver Ghost frees Joss from CCPD's custody so she can help her steal a WayneTech car in A.R.G.U.S.'s possession. Nora goes to stop them with help from Killer Frost, but Silver Ghost uses the car's tech to evade them. Cisco patches Nora's voice into the radio, urging Joss for a second chance and to turn herself in. Joss uses her abilities to secretly ice the roads, before escaping with Silver Ghost. In other news, Caitlin helps heal Cisco's hands and they agree to try to develop a meta cure, provided that those they help can be given the choice to not have their powers removed. Finally, Nora returns to the future and reluctantly agrees to help Thawne, who has less than an hour left to live. Back in 2-19, Sherloque Wells gains access to the Time Vault, but discovers the files on Nora West-Allen have been deleted.