Episode 508

5X08 What's Past Is Prologue


December 7th, 2018

1 hr 37 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Barry Allen and his daughter Nora travel back in time in order to "gather some key necessities" to stop Cicada. Their first stop takes them to Barry's final battle against Savitar, but they are pursued by a Time Wraith. Barry tells Nora to get a piece of Savitar's armour when it is destroyed, while he distracts the Time Wraith. Nora sees the armour get destroyed and retrieves a piece of it, but also sees Iris shoot Savitar Barry. They travel next to when Zoom steals Barry's speed to retrieve the necessary technology to process it. Harry Wells almost destroys the tech in frustration, but Barry manages to distract him, suggesting that they can find his daughter by tracking her frequency. Zoom discovers Barry and Nora, and gives chase before he is stopped by the Time Wraith, however the tech is damaged. Barry and Nora end up on the day that Barry previously travelled to, and ask HGEobard to help fix the tech, reminding him that if he doesn't, events won't go correctly and he will never get home. HGEobard fixes the tech and Barry and Nora make their final jump to the night of the Particle Accelerator explosion, avoiding security and lab workers to access the Time Vault. Barry asks Gideon to reroute part of the Dark Matter through the shard and technology. When Nora asks why Barry hates Eobard Thawne, Barry reveals that Eobard killed his mother when he was 11. They are able to gain the power they needed and travel to the hospital, hiding the tech in the brickwork, before returning to the present. Nora decides to return to 2049, where she goes to Iron Heights to confront Eobard Thawne.