Episode 46

2X10 Potential Energy


January 22nd, 2016

50 mins 29 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Synopsis: As Dr. Wells struggles to try to find ways to increase Barry’s speed, Cisco presents a new idea to slow Zoom down. Cisco tells the team about a metahuman, whom he has dubbed the “Turtle“, who has the ability to stop the kinetic energy around him and thus slow everyone to a halt. After Barry fails to stop the Turtle at a diamond unveiling, the team sets a trap at a local art exhibit. Barry invites Patty, with the intention of telling her his secret, but the Turtle is aware of the trap and almost succeeds in killing Patty, before escaping. Later, the Turtle kidnaps Patty, in an effort to punish the Flash. The team tracks down the Turtle, and Barry is able to generate enough speed to move through the kinetic waves the Turtle creates to knock him unconscious and save Patty. Later, Patty tells Barry that she is leaving Central City, and Dr. Wells kills the Turtle while extracting a portion of his brain. Meanwhile, Joe struggles to develop a relationship with Wally, who has been street racing in an attempt to earn enough money to pay for his mother’s medical bills.

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