4X23 We Are The Flash

Episode 423 · May 24th, 2018 · 41 mins 43 secs

About this Episode

Consider this part 1 of our Finale discussion. Join us next week for a LIVE call in episode of Flash TV Talk!

After the Enlightenment begins, Marlize joins Team Flash as Cecile goes into labor. Marlize uses Cecile's powers to send Barry into DeVoe's consciousness to find the good left in him. Barry finds Ralph alive in DeVoe's consciousness and together they find the "good" DeVoe dead. DeVoe attempts to keep them from reaching the nexus of his mind, as he follows Team Flash to a pocket dimension. In his consciousness, DeVoe multiplies himself to fight Barry and Ralph as he takes down Team Flash. Barry and Ralph make it to the nexus; Barry wakes up in the real world and Ralph reclaims his body just as DeVoe was going to kill Cecile. He reappears, though, as a hologram through his chair until Marlize destroys it. Barry, Cisco and Ralph shield civilians from the falling satellites and the mysterious girl helps Barry destroy the last one. Harry's brain resets but is mostly restored by Marlize; he decides to return to Earth-2 to be with Jesse. Team Flash celebrates DeVoe's defeat with Wally (who returned from the Legends) and Cecile's newborn daughter Jenna. The mysterious girl arrives to reveal herself as Barry and Iris' daughter from the future, Nora; she claims to have made "a big, big mistake".