4X17 Null and Annoyed

Episode 417 · April 13th, 2018 · 57 mins 18 secs

About this Episode

Barry and Ralph train to defeat DeVoe, with Barry becoming annoyed at Ralph's apparent inability to be serious. The team manages to locate another bus meta, Janet Petty. When Barry and Ralph confront her, it is revealed that Petty can manipulate a person's gravitational pull, which she demonstrates on Barry. Fearing once again that Ralph is not taking things seriously, Barry refuses to work with him. Ralph reveals his comedic attitude is due to a difficult childhood where his father abandoned him, causing him to make jokes whenever he is scared or under pressure. Barry relents and they go to stop Janet at a gala event. Janet uses her powers on Barry, causing him to float into the atmosphere. Barry tells the team to trust Ralph to improvise. Ralph detains Janet, then becomes a giant airbag to allow Barry to land safely. DeVoe's wife discovers he has been drugging her, so she will continue to assist him. Breacher comes to Earth-1 to ask Cisco for help as some of his powers have failed. It is revealed that Harry still has access to Thawne's time vault, and he uses it to recharge the thinking cap and to talk to Gideon.