4X15 Enter Flashtime

Episode 415 · March 9th, 2018 · 55 mins

About this Episode

Summary: Jesse comes to Earth-1, so she can have a talk with her dad. Eco-terrorist Veronica Dale sets off a nuclear bomb, which Barry tries to stop. To do so, he enters a form of superspeed known as Flashtime, where he moves so fast, time appears frozen. However, the bomb has already detonated, and he and Jesse can't stop it or save everyone with their superspeed. They try to bring in Jay Garrick to help, but they are still unable to stop the bomb. Barry remains in Flashtime for hours, bringing each of his friends in, in an attempt to find a solution. They discuss options such as freezing it or sending it to another Earth, but none of those solutions prove to be viable. Eventually, Iris gives him the idea to retrieve the Quark Sphere from the Speed Force to send a blast of speedforce lightning at the bomb, which would be enough energy to disable it. Barry does so, throwing the Sphere back into the Speed Force, saving Central City. Jesse and Jay return to their Earths, and Caitlin and Wells go for a coffee, where they encounter the mysterious girl.