4X14 Subject 9

Episode 414 · March 1st, 2018 · 45 mins 52 secs

About this Episode

Barry is let go from CCPD, due to his connection with the DeVoe case. The team encounter another bus Metahuman, named Izzy (the Fiddler), with sound wave abilities, amplified by her violin. She manages to use her abilities when DeVoe (inside Sharpe's body) comes to claim her. Barry and Ralph help to train Izzy to refine her abilities, which proves difficult when she gets hurt. Eventually DeVoe shows up once again, using Dominic's and Becky's abilities to make Barry experience a brain aneurysm, while using his original abilities to incapacitate Ralph. DeVoe then once again uses the chair to transfer his mind into Izzy's body and escapes. Both Ralph and Barry comforts each other's losses: Barry being let go from the police force and Ralph losing Izzy to DeVoe. These's losses enforce both Barry's and Ralph's determination to bring Devoe down and save the 3 remaining metas.