Episode 40

2X05 The Darkness And The Light

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About this Episode

Synopsis: The team meets the Earth-2 Harrison Wells, who is responsible for the creation of the metahumans and Zoom of his Earth. Despite his attitude, Wells plans to help Barry’s team stop Zoom and his metahumans. At the same time, a thief from Earth-2 named Doctor Light arrives and starts robbing banks. Jay tells Barry that she can be reasoned with, and it works until Barry recognizes her as the Earth-2 version of Linda Park. Later, Light attempts to kill Linda and take over her life, but accidentally kills Linda’s boss and is foiled by Barry’s team in the process. Wells reveals Cisco’s metahuman powers to the team, which Cisco uses to locate Doctor Light. Barry defeats her using a speed mirage technique that was suggested by Wells. After locking Light up, they plan to use her to lure Zoom and defeat him for good. Jay, who does not trust Wells, thinks it is too dangerous and leaves the team. Back on Earth-2, it is revealed that Zoom has Wells’ daughter captive.