Episode 113

4X12 Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash


February 1st, 2018

49 mins 38 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Cecile develops telepathic abilities as a result of her pregnancy, combined with dormant dark matter in her cells, which Caitlin assures her should be temporary. In prison, Barry learns that Ratchet is innocent of a robbery-homicide that was actually committed by Sylbert Rundine fifteen years prior. Barry asks the team to look into the case. Rundine turns out to be a bus meta with the ability to shrink and enlarge objects, and he shrinks Cisco and Ralph while escaping. Harry's attempted cure backfires, and Caitlin determines that if they are not re-enlarged within a certain period of time, their bodies will explode. The team confronts Rundine at a warehouse, where Harry tricks him into re-enlarging Ralph and Cisco. Rundine is arrested, but refuses to confess to the earlier crime. Barry gathers that even if Ratchet went free, he would be as unhappy in the city as he is in prison; he wishes to live in a secluded Chinese village called Jiaju, but fears he will never get there. After Joe assures him that he will always do his best, Barry uses his speed to take Ratchet to Jiaju, where he can live out his dream. After discovering Barry is the Flash, the warden locks Barry in the prison's metahuman wing, intending to sell him to Amunet.

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