Episode 106

4X06 When Harry Met Harry…


November 17th, 2017

51 mins 35 secs

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Synopsis: Barry continues to train Ralph to use his abilities, with Cisco making Ralph a new suit that can stretch as far as he can, while still retaining it’s shape. Another metahuman from the bus named Mina Chayton begins attacking Central City, specifically stealing pieces of Black Bison jewellery, with her abilities of being able to bring statues to life, including a statue of a sabre toothed tiger. When Barry and Ralph catch up to her, she dazes Barry with a caveman statue and attempts a getaway. Ralph chooses to stop her, with damage being caused to power lines, landing a little girl in the hospital. Ralph feels remorse for his actions, but is comforted by Barry. Chayton escapes CCPD, going after the last Black Bison necklace held at the museum. Barry and Ralph confront her, with Chayton claiming the jewellery belonged to her family. She subsequently brings a dinosaur skeleton to life, with Ralph detaining it to protect the security guard. Barry tricks Chayton, by throwing a china bowl into the air, exploiting Chayton’s respect for history, allowing him to arrest her. Ralph reveals he gave the Black Bison jewellery back to Chayton’s family before visiting the little girl in the hospital, using his abilities to entertain her. Meanwhile, in an attempt to make friends, Wells brings several different versions of himself from different Earths to Earth 1. The Council of Wells proves problematic, but eventually manage to figure out that DeVoe is a man named Clifford DeVoe. Barry and Joe head to his residence, to find that Clifford DeVoe is an elderly man in a wheelchair.

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