Episode 105

4X05 Girls Night Out


November 10th, 2017

51 mins 48 secs

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Synopsis: While failing to track Devoe, Team Flash is visited by Felicity, who joins Iris’s bachelorette party. Mocking Cisco’s plans for Barry’s bachelor party, Ralph takes the men to a strip club, where they learn that Cecile’s daughter, Joanie, is working. Joe confronts her, who states she is only doing a feminist research. Ralph incites a brawl, leading to the men’s arrest until Harry posts bail. Meanwhile, Amunet’s enforcer, Norvock, demands Caitlin’s return and attacks the women when she refuses. Killer Frost emerges and repels him, later telling Iris that Caitlin accepted Amunet’s employment in exchange for the means to control Frost. Learning that Amunet has a metahuman whose tear is a strong narcotic and intends to sell him, Iris’s party decides to stop her. Though Caitlin refuses to join, she attacks Amunet when seeing her friends in danger. Using a strong magnet, the team robs Amunet’s metal shards, leaving her powerless. Iris dissuades Frost from killing Amunet, who promises revenge. Both parties refuse to tell each other about their adventures. Iris asks Caitlin to be her bridesmaid while Joe convinces Joanie to tell Cecile about her “research”. Devoe captures the “Weeper”.

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