Episode 102

4X02 Mixed Signals


October 19th, 2017

54 mins 6 secs

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Synopsis: When Barry, Joe, and Cisco report to a crime scene, they discover remnants of a mysterious code. Cisco presents Barry with a technologically advanced suit, intended to facilitate his activities. He tests it out, trying to save someone from a haywire car, caused by metahuman Ramsey Deacon. Gypsy arrives on Earth 1 for a date with Cisco, who is forced to cancel it so as to focus on Deacon. Acting on a suggestion from Caitlin, Iris signs her and Barry up for couples therapy to sort out their relationship. Deacon kidnaps a witness, who was previously a member of a tech team who sold him out of his idea. Barry and Wally go to save him, but Deacon uses his abilities to send Barry’s suit haywire. On Iris’s instructions, Barry throws lightning at himself, shorting out his suit. He then incapacitates Deacon, who is locked up in the meta wing of Iron Heights, revealed to be part of the Thinker’s plan. Cisco finally goes out with Gypsy. Wondering how Deacon gained his powers being absent during the particle accelerator incident, Barry and Joe learn from Deacon that there are “others”.

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