Episode 101

4X01 The Flash Reborn


October 12th, 2017

55 mins 36 secs

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Synopsis: 6 months after Barry went into the speedforce, Iris has become distant, helping Cisco, Wally and Joe to defeat various threats around Central City, but refusing to break down and grieve Barry. When a Samuroid appears in Central City, demanding to face the Flash in battle, Cisco reasons that they have to bring Barry back, but Iris forbids it. Going against Iris’ orders, Cisco tracks down Caitlin to a bar and convinces her to help them get Barry out. The team attempt to retrieve Barry using tech and a modified Speed-Force bazooka. It seems to fail, only for Barry to emerge from the Speed Force 300 miles away. The team find Barry, who appears dazed and confused, continually writing out code on walls. Wally tries to go up against the Samuroid in his place, but is quickly defeated. The team attempts to decode Barry’s code, only for it to reveal the phrase “This House is Bitchin’.” Acting on a piece of advice given to her by Joe, Iris gives herself up to the Samuroid. Upon hearing that Iris is in trouble, Barry’s memories reactivate and he speeds away, rescuing Iris and defeating the Samuroid in a field of wind turbines, who is revealed to be a robot. Caitlin rejoins Team Flash, but is shown to have a Jekyll and Hyde complex with her Killer Frost persona. Meanwhile, the Samuroid is rebuilt as The Thinker contemplates his next move against the Flash.

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